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Nortel Call Pilot



Call Pilot 100 and 150 Voice Mail

The Norstar Call Pilot 100 and 150 business voice mail delivers scalable advanced voice mail messaging to growing small and mid-sized businesses. Call Pilot supports Businesses from as little as 10 to 300 voice mail users with basic applications such as Voice Mail, Automated Attendant and Call Screening to advanced applications such as Custom Call Routing, Unified Messaging, Desktop Messaging, Basic Call Center, ACD, Park and Page, Outbound Transfer and Voice Mail Networking (AMIS and VPIM) and many other features.

The Call Pilot Family is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses. As your business grows, the Call Pilot can expand with you through a simple migration path to more sophisticated features which are Embedded applications and activated with a simple Software key-code upgrade.


Call Pilot 100

10-mailboxes (expands to 40)
9-hours of storage

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Call Pilot 150

20-mailboxes (expands to 300)
60-hours of storage
Unified Messaging (1-licecnse)

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