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Nortel Norstar Phone Systems Scalable System that Protects your Investment.

The Nortel Norstar Family of Compact and Modular Integrated Communications Systems meets all your business needs and scalability you face in building and growing your business. With a proven track record for superior performance and dependability, Norstar is the most commonplace Telecommunications System world-wide. Seamless expansion capabilities are critical to growing your business without interruption. You want a flexible, scalable system that will adapt to the newest technology so you don’t get stuck with outdated components, and the ability to add applications, upgrades, and functionality through software and hardware add-ons to protect your investment.

Nortel provides tightly integrated voice processing technology, IP telephony functionality, and transparent networking throughout your organization. With telephone and IP solutions from as few as 2-users and communication devices to an Enterprise Solution that can scale as many as 272-users and multi-site networking spanning multiple offices.

Let Nev-Comm show you how your business can benefit from Nortel's, Voice over IP telephony functionality, Unified Messaging and transparent networking throughout your organization.

Phone Models

Nortel offers a wide range of telephony endpoints, all made to suit the specific needs of your office.

Norstar & BCM Systems

The Norstar and BCM system offer T1-PRI, Call Center, Voice over IP, SIP, H.323 and MCDN Private Networking.

Voice Processing Unit – Unified Messaging

The Nortel Voice Mail system offers two fully integrated voice processing units to serve your messaging needs.

Call Center Suite

Call Center Suite is a powerful set of modular software applications to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your call center operations.